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Business Engineer Manager

Business Engineer Manager

General mission


Business Engineer Managers monitor the business deals under their responsibility in accordance with the terms of the customer's contract.



Key duties


  • Supervise technical studies
  • Check the plans, documents and purchasing specifications
  • Optimise the budget allocated to the business deal
  • Manage all stakeholders (site supervisor, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) in accordance with the schedule




Skilled general engineer with at least three years' extensive experience in water treatment and business management



Career prospects


  • Regional Operations Manager
  • Engineering Group Manager



Emmanuel, Business Manager - Engineer (France)


Testimonial by Emmanuel, Business Manager - Engineer


"Being a Business Manager - Engineer at Ondeo IS means that you have to be able to take a rigorous, methodical and out-of-the-box approach to project management, while offering good interpersonal skills. My job brings me into contact with a number of technologies and lets me work in many areas of activity that can be found in a turnkey water treatment plant, such as water treatment equipment / processes, civil engineering, assembly and pipework, materials, electricity and automation.

My job also allows me to work as part of a team and tackle the technological, planning and budgetary challenges that are often associated with projects for key account industrial customers."


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