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DCI: pre-treatment of oily effluent

DCI: pre-treatment of oily effluent

The DCI process (D-Circular Interceptor) is a new generation of gravity separation-based circular oil separators for the preliminary treatment of free insoluble hydrocarbons and suspended solids. It therefore performs the first of the three stages in treating oily effluent from refineries and petrochemical sites, affecting the efficiency of the physico-chemical treatment process and offering protection against accidental breeches.

The DCI is a new generation of circular separators developed to overcome the problems inherent in longitudinal separators (such as generating odours and difficulty in extracting bottom sludge) and CPI-type parallel plate separators, which are prone to clogging by waxy products and the difficulty in handling bottom sludge.


Influent parameters Hydrocarbons (HC)
at the DCI outlet
Non-oily suspended solids at the DCI outlet
Suspended solids 1 g/L

~100 mg/L

~100 mg/L

Suspended solids between 200 and 500 mg/L

< 100 mg/L

~50 mg/L

Why choose DCI?

Choose the DCI process and you will:


  • Profit from a more cost-effective build than an API or CPI with a smaller footprint
  • Simplify the sludge extraction process
  • Reduce odour nuisance if necessary by using suitable equipment
  • Fight against atmospheric contaminates, since the circular design of the separator can easily be covered over
  • Leverage performance levels at least equivalent to a standard API separator with flows varying from a few m³/h to 2 000 or 3 000 m³/h


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