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Demineralisation: removal of water salinity

Demineralisation: removal of water salinity

Water naturally contains dissolved mineral salts whose content restricts its use as boiler system water because it causes corrosion and scale build up.

Furthermore, many industrial processes (such as in the motor, microelectronics, chemicals and food & drink industries) require low levels of salinity in production water.

We offer an full range of water demineralisation equipment with upflow and counter-flow regenerative ion exchange systems tailored to suit the type of raw water and the required quality of the treated water.


Mixed bed demineralisation

Why choose demineralisation units?

Using Ondeo IS demineralisation units will ensure:


  • Access to a vast array of modular equipment with devices to suit your site needs, and with the best quality versus price ratio
  • Guaranteed reliability and proven efficiency
  • Easy implementation
  • Compliance with applicable legislation (CE and DESP standards)
  • Access to the counter-flow regeneration technology using the UFD process (Up Flow Degrémont) for producing excellent quality softened water with reduced amounts of regeneration salt and limited volumes of effluent


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