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Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Engineering / ConstructionA  comprehensive network of experts available for delivering turnkey solutions through:


  • Audits
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Implementation
  • Support


Our engineers design innovative system using your individual requirements as a blueprint, from simple refurbishments to completely new facilities. They can provide the support you need to design and build a facility that meets your technical performance, while adhering to your financial constraints, business model and legislative requirements on a turnkey basis if required.


In addition, as the market leader in high-end water treatment systems through our Infilco range, we also offer a unique range of individually customisable treatment modules. Our compact, cost-effective and easy-to-use units are skid-mounted or standalone systems, and are delivered ready for connection.


Through a long-term partnership, we deliver the necessary support to protect the facilities that we have designed for the future through our extensive range of operations and maintenance solutions and specialised services.

In response to your specific engineering and construction needs, Ondeo IS offers a broad portfolio of technical solutions and processes, most of which have already been patented.


This is just a selection of what we can offer. If you can't find what you are looking for, then please contact us direct:


  • ANAPULSE, ANALIFT, ANAFLUX and ANAPLUS digesters - conversion of organic carbon into energy
  • BioControl - reduction of sludge and cost control
  • Biofor - high-performance biofilter aerobic treatment
  • DCI - pre-treatment of oily effluent
  • Demineralisation - removal of water salinity
  • Densadeg - physico-chemical treatment of phosphorus and suspended solids
  • Electro-Deionization - membrane technology with semi-permeable ion exchange resins to provide a highly efficient method for demineralization
  • Filtration - removal of suspended solids
  • Meteor C - BOD and COD treatment
  • Mixed bed demineralisation - treatment of water with a low mineral content
  • MX3E - treatment of nitrate water and low-cost production of drinking water
  • Reverse osmosis - demineralisation without chemical reagents
  • Serflo - effluent treatment through air flotation
  • Softening - removal of water hardness
  • UCD - compact settling-filtration-disinfection unit
  • UCM - compact membrane unit for the low-cost production of demineralised water from raw influent
  • Ultrafiltration - total removal of suspended particles
  • Ultrafor - state-of-the-art treatment of organic pollution and suspended solids



"Ondeo Industrial Solutions designed and built our demineralised water production plant. In next to no time, they delivered an effective dual-feed solution, with faster resource switching times than those stated in the contract."

Director of the Tarragona Power site (Spain)

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