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SERFLO: effluent treatment through air flotation

SERFLO: effluent treatment through air flotation

SERFLO is a compact and rectangular stainless steel dissolved air flotator, patented and developed over 30 years ago. This equipment is used in over 300 installations and provides total reliability to many different industrial sectors.

Its performance and design means that it can be used for basic solutions, such as natural flotation, or for more complex solutions, such as physico-chemical treatment, mixed liquor separation during the biological stage or tertiary treatment.

Why choose SERFLO?


By choosing SERFLO, you will have access to:


  • Equipment that meets the most stringent European criteria and standards for health, safety and operation
  • A solution offering a continual improvement in performance
  • Guaranteed reliability and proven efficiency
  • A compact and modular skid-mounted solution that is easy to install, operate and maintain


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