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Mobile sludge service: a flexible and scalable alternative to sludge treatment

Mobile sludge service: a flexible and scalable alternative to sludge treatment

Dewatering units are an effective solution for responding to the specific needs of managing effluent and by-products from the wastewater treatment cycle. The mobile sludge service is much more than a simple treatment solution and represents an ideal alternative to storing and recovering sludge. The centrifugal system separates the solids from the liquid, guaranteeing excellent results and simplifying the recovery of the residue, which can then be used for manure, compost or producing energy.

This global, targeted solution is available to manufacturers whose treatment plants produce several tons of liquid sludge every year. it delivers guaranteed results, and includes an auditing and consulting service. Sludge recovery ensures the best possible dewatering performance.



Mobile sludge service


Why choose the Ondeo IS mobile sludge service?

Using the mobile sludge service will ensure:


  • Sustainable development expertise: the mobile centrifugal dewatering units are flexible and easy to use, encouraging the production of energy, compost and manur
  • A quality service: we have deployed a quality assurance policy in accordance with ISO standards with the appropriate tools, methods and procedures
  • A partnership focusing on a long-term and responsible approach: the service specifically targets the needs of the largest manufacturers
  • Substantial cost-effective results: our service saves you storage, transport and sludge recovery costs



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