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NOSE: an odour nuisance control service

NOSE: an odour nuisance control service

Culminating from the research and development work pioneered in close conjunction with the different SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT subsidiaries, NOSE (No Odour for SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT) provides manufacturers with a global and scalable odour control approach to avoid any risk of odour pollution for inhabitants living near wastewater collection and treatment plants, sludge recovery plants and waste management centres.


Odour modelling with NOSE



Why choose the NOSE service?


The NOSE service will enable you to:


  • Improve the comfort and satisfaction of local inhabitants:
    • Guarantee the comfort of local inhabitants
    • Ensure compliance with legislative constraints
    • Allow industrial facilities to more easily embrace a sustainable development approach


  • Keep risks under control:
    • Anticipate the risks of odour pollution when designing new facilities
    • Control crisis management when odour pollution occurs


  • Optimise investment and operating costs:
    • Offer the best strategy for containing odour pollution


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