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OMOBILE: the mobile solution for industrial water treatment

OMOBILE: the mobile solution for industrial water treatment

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Ondeo Industrial Solutions provides industrial customers with a simple, reliable solution guaranteeing the required quality and quantity of water, with no capital investment, throughout the world and for every type of industry.



When do you need to use OMOBILE?



Long term rental: producing water with no capital investment

  • Deconsolidation of your capital investment
  • Leasing period to suit your needs
  • Faster setup than a construction
  • Training of your teams by our experts



Emergency: ensuring the contunuity of your production

  • Commissioning in a few hours or days
  • Guaranteed water quality and quantity
  • Complete facility, immediately operational
  • Compliance with regulations and your safety rules



Scheduled operations: planning your pure water requirements

  • Securing maintenance or start-up periods
  • Adapting to seasonal requirements or temporary deterioration of the water resources
  • Carrying out pilot tests
  • Turnkey facility (teams, consumables)


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