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Specialised services

Specialised services

Specialised servicesIn addition to providing global solutions for designing, building and effectively managing your water facilities, we also offer bespoke services leveraging our expertise in your sectors and which are specifically geared towards your sites as part of the continual quest to optimise your water cycle:


  • CoolSure - Securing and optimising your cooling systems
  • Ecoflow - Off-site treatment service for your industrial effluent
  • Fiabil’O - Tailor-made services to manage all your networks 
  • Mobile sludge service - A flexible and scalable alternative to sludge treatment
  • NOSE - An odor nuisance control service
  • Refurbishment and spare parts - Improving the performance of your water
  • Resins - Auditing, supply and replacement of your resins
  • SteamSure - Securing and optimising your boiler water
  • UpSure - Securing and optimising your water production facilities


OMOBILE, an effective solution for your demineralised water needsWe can cover cover any emergency callouts or scheduled maintenance for your processed water, while you use our units to guarantee continuous water production at your site:


  • Omobile - an effective solution to your demineralised water needs


This is just a selection of what we can offer. If you can't find what your are looking for, then please contact us direct.


"With Ecoflow, biological treatment can be used at a nominal load. We can maintain or even improve performance. From a financial point of view, operating costs are contained. »

Operations Manager
at the Laroque-d'Olmes treatment plant (France)

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