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UpSure: securing and optimising your water production facilities

UpSure: securing and optimising your water production facilities



The UpSure service guarantees optimum performance from your water treatment systems prior to the cooling process in line with your health & safety, legislative and environmental constraints. Through our expertise in process water treatment, you can protect all your membranes, ultra-filters and reverse osmosis units, and your range of decarbonation, softening, demineralisation and filtration equipment against scaling and biofouling by using the right treatment, while optimising operations. By monitoring and running your facilities, we can set up a management approach attuned to your needs with guaranteed results.

We offer three different solutions - UpControl, UpCare and UpSure - in response to your needs, including:


  • Engineering and design of membrane units, and retrofitting the supply of the appropriate membranes
  • A complete range of chemical reagents:
    • UpBio: biocides
    • UpPro: scale prevention and anti-corrosion
    • UpClean: cleaning agents
  • A team of experts specialising in membrane facility management (operation and maintenance)
  • CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) dedicated to your facilities



UpSure diagram


Why choose UpSure?


Our commitment to guarantee results as part of the UpSure service on delivering sustainable solutions:


  • Economic:
    Access to cutting-edge technologies, reduce water and chemical use, support to minimise and control energy consumption, competitive products and progress plans


  • Environmental:
    Optimise water quality entering and leaving the systems, performance tracking plans and recycling solutions, rapid response times and reports available to all stakeholders


  • Social:
    Secure facilities and personal safety, regular quality audits


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