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Ondeo Industrial Solutions (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT) is a leading provider of sustainable water and utility solutions for industrial customers in the UK and Ireland.
We are committed to adding value to your water cycle whilst improving profitability and protecting the environment. We have all the expertise, experience and skills required to help you safely operate and improve your entire water cycle with measurable results.

Our services across the UK and Ireland include amongst others audits and feasibility studies, operations and maintenance, remediation and improvement works, tailored equipment supply and installation, temporary water supply and laboratory services. Through our sister company, Purite Ltd, we are also a leading manufacturer of water purification systems for laboratory and healthcare applications.




24 September - Notice of Application for a Water Services Licence and a Sewerage Services Licence


Ondeo Industrial Solutions Ltd, Unit C, Bandet Way, Thame Industrial Estate, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3SJ hereby gives notice that on 27th August 2014 they made an application to the Water Industry Commission for Scotland for a water services licence and sewerage services licence, in terms of section 6 of the Water Services (Scotland) Act 2005.


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