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About us

About us



Ondeo Industrial Solutions (Ondeo IS), a SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT subsidiary, is a leading player in the optimisation and global management of the industrial water cycle.

From raw water through to discharging into the natural environment, Ondeo IS meets industry's needs with a large portfolio of products and services featuring technical solutions and leading edge services for water treatment and management. Ondeo Industrial Solutions has the solutions for all your industrial water cycle needs.


Water - a source of added value for your industry

Ondeo Industrial Solutions and its European subsidiaries (Ondeo IS France, Ondeo IS UK, Ondeo IS Benelux, Ondeo IS Spain, Ondeo IS Italy and Purite) supports each industrial sectors on a daily basis, providing long-term solutions tailored to their production and environmental challenges.



Our values


Ondeo Industrial Solutions has six core values that are identified and shared by everyone within the company:


  • Create value and ensure sustainable profitable growth while protecting the environment
  • Set the benchmark for standards in terms of quality, reliability and professionalism for its customers
  • Develop its operational excellence to maintain the optimum performance and keep risks under control
  • Continue to develop innovative approaches while making best practices part of our business culture
  • Making our company a safe place to work is at the heart of our business. We endeavor to continously improve employees' safety and those effected our work and their working environment
  • Our people are our most valuable asset. It is them drive the solutions we deliver our customers. Therefore by attracting, developing, motivate and empowering talented individuals within the organisation , and by giving them tools to achieve their personnel goals, makes us the success we are today


These values unite everyone over and above their individual experience, expertise and culture, and are the foundation of our responsible, sustainable approach for supporting our industrial customers.

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