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Innovation drives our business

Innovation drives our business

Ondeo Industrial Solutions is a key player in the optimisation and global management of the industrial water cycle, and innovation is at the heart of our business. By constantly innovating to drive the development of new technologies, Ondeo Industrial Solutions is in a position to meet three major challenges facing today's world:


  • Combat climate change and protect natural resources
  • Provide customers with fit for purpose water and impeccable services
  • Protect the environment for future generations


MX3E Research & Development



As part of our aim to continually improve our operational skills and pioneer leading edge eco-friendly services, Ondeo Industrial Solutions draws strength from:


  • The global network of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT research and expertise centres, such as CIRSEE. In 2008, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT invested 65 million euros into technical research and development for its two core businesses - water and waste services
  • Partnerships with key suppliers (Aqua-Tools)
  • Collaborative R&D with its customers in common areas
  • A network of international partners including universities, public bodies, and technical and institutional organisations



Ondeo Industrial Solutions is renowned for its extensive expertise and broad portfolio of technologies. Every year, new research programmes enable us to expand our products and services, and thus continue to meet our industrial customers' needs. Our innovation-oriented approach is pursued with the constant determination to anticipate new developments in legislation and deliver solutions for the various challenges facing industry in both today's and tomorrow's world.

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List of technical publications

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