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Our commitment

Our commitment

Our commitmentAlthough all industries (food & drink, automotive, chemicals, steel, metallurgy, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals…) are faced with traditional challenges, such as improving performance, minimising costs, focusing their technical skills on their core business or ensuring the safety of their workforce and facilities, increasingly stringent environmental constraints now represent a major challenge to overcome.

Ondeo IS's industrial customers aim to:


  • Comply with the regulations in force and anticipate future changes to legislation
  • Increase and change productivity to meet customer satisfaction
  • Be responsible companies and promote exemplary values and principles


Ondeo IS can draw on its expertise, know-how and technical innovations to produce solutions suited to each industrial site, while striving to optimise water management and reduce consumption, so that optimumeconomic performance can be achieved without impacting on the environment.


Wastewater treatment plant


Ondeo IS is supported by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT's research resources to design and offer its industrial customers innovative solutions incorporating new environmentally friendly technologies.


In a world where water and the environment are central to major challenges that go beyond simple economic and industrial considerations, Ondeo IS puts sustainable development at the heart of its corporate strategy.

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