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Water, a strategic issue for industry

Water, a strategic issue for industry

Water, a strategic challenge for industryWater is a strategic resource for most industries. Just like other resources and materials, its management and application (drinking water, boiler water, process water, cooling water, washing water, wastewater, reused water, recycled water) is a complex economic and environmental challenge that is specific to each activity and each individual site.


Today, companies are constantly confronted with new challenges in their relation to their water cycle.


  • Improve the protection of resources
  • Optimise water and energy consumption
  • Control costs and investments
  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure safe and reliable production facilities
  • Reduce environmental impacts


By drawing on its expertise, experience, long-term commitment and adaptability, Ondeo IS (a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT) delivers support to all industries in defining, developing and operating innovative, bespoke  technical solutions.



Ondeo IS has the right treatment process for your industry and production process.


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